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  • ​Neil is easily one of the best recruitment professionals that I have ever worked with. He has a natural ability to develop and nurture trusting relationships with the candidates and clients that he works with which made every engagement with him an enjoyable process with clear and positive results. Neil understands your hiring problems really well and is able to match them with global talent that would be very hard to find yourself. He is someone that genuinely cares about helping your business grow and has an unwavering passion for his work. I would recommend Neil to anyone looking to hire great talent and look forward to working with him again in the future.

    Greg Reynolds
    Greg Reynolds, Talent Acquisition Lead @ Safety Culture

    Partnered with functionn @ Airtasker, Australia

  • ​I have had the pleasure of working with Neil hiring across multiple tech roles with my last company. He is one of only a couple of tech talent agencies that I would look to use again. Neil goes above and beyond anyone I've worked with before, tapping into his amazing network of engineers. He is great at managing expectations, deliverables and communication (he even uses Slack! 💜)! The service he provides is unique, it feels like I'm working with a colleague, because he is so keen to understand the requirements and then over-deliver on expectations! Would highly recommend!

    Shaila Man
    Shaila Man, Lead Technical Recruiter @ Culture Amp

    Partnered with functionn @ Airtasker, Australia

  • Neil's been a wonderful recruitment partner to Canva. He took the time to really understand our business, technical requirements, and where we set the bar (somewhere up in the stratosphere). He's tenacious and worked insanely hard to really lock-in exactly what we were looking for -- and he delivered.In the early days, where each hire carries substantially more risk, he helped us bring on board some amazing engineers that continue to smash goals year on year. His honest, ethical, and straight-forward communication approach puts him miles ahead of his competitors. I can count on three fingers the number of recruiters partners that I actually rate. Neil is one of them, I highly recommend him, irrespective of whether you're an up-and-coming startup (like Canva was) or a larger organization looking to raise the bar.

    Francisco Morales
    Francisco Morales, Engineering Recruiter @ Canva

    Partnered with functionn @ Canva, Australia

  • ​Neil is definitely the best recruiter I've ever worked with. He's extremely professional and strives to find candidates who are likely to be a good long term fit with your business in all regards. He has strong domain knowledge and so the conversion rate to offer stage for candidates presented is very high, put differently you don't end up wasting time on candidates who are not a good match. His communication is extremely strong on both sides and he acts as a good facilitator to both the employer and candidate during the hiring process.

    Brad Smith
    Brad Smith, Chief Data Officer @ Jago Bank (DKatalis)

    Partnered with functionn @ Jago (DKatalis), Indonesia

  • Neil is one of the best recruiters that I was working with. He has a unique blend of technical knowledge and natural curiosity which allows him to profile candidates more thoroughly than his competitors. I would have no hesitation to recommend Neil to any company, client or business partner.

    Alex Titlyanov
    Alex Titlyanov, Chief Engineering Officer @ Jago Bank (DKatalis)

    Partnered with functionn @ TrakInvest, Credit Suisse and Jago (DKatalis), Singapore

  • ​The best way to build an in-house recruitment practice is to have at your disposal an arsenal of solid technical recruiters who know our quality standards - hiring the top 5% of software engineering talent means that we may have to go through hundreds of candidates. Neil has achieved the best rates for placement of tech talent in Asia Pacific, with 30% of candidates successfully hired, compared to the current industry average of less than 20% who are not able to clear the first robust coding interview. I have worked closely with him to relocate global talent from China, Indonesia, India, and Thailand. These engineers not only are great hires, they add to the culture and influence our teams positively. He quickly gets up to speed in complex hiring needs with time-sensitive requirements, and his engaging, humorous manner brings joy in a startup environment where stress levels may be high.

    Rachel Lee
    Rachel Lee, Tech Recuiter

    Partnered with functionn @ Grab and Horangi, Singapore

  • ​I have had the pleasure to work with Neil on both sides of the fence; as a candidate, and as someone requiring employees. I normally never write references like this. So why today? What's so different about Neil? Well he conducts himself with the utmost integrity, and takes the time to treat you like a human being. As a candidate you feel as if you're safe in his hands. This then subsequently means the absolute best people ask him to represent them, which means he places great people. And besides all that work related stuff, he's a bloody nice guy!

    Benjamin Hoskins
    Benjamin Hoskins, CTO @ Billie

    Partnered with functionn @ Spark, Germany

  • ​Neil is THE best recruiter I've ever worked with. He puts all other recruiters to shame. He has an in-depth understanding of technology and often finds candidates that not only fits our tech requirements but also, our company culture. He's helped me build the MoneySmart Engineering team (from hiring our CTO to our full stack developers). If I had to sum him up in 3 words - Neil is genuine, patient and very hardworking. Thank you Neil, you kick ass!

    Richa Dirani
    Richa Dirani, Head of APAC Recruitment @ Wise

    Partnered with functionn @ MoneySmart and Wise, Singapore

  • ​I worked with Neil when I had to hire Data Scientists for Teralytics. Because the data we work with is unlabelled and not readily available in public domains, we had to look for data scientists who are comfortable with unsupervised learning and spatio-temporal data. Such data scientists were rare to come by. Moreover, we were a relatively young company and didn't have the brand equity that other AI companies had. Neil was one of the few head-hunters who managed to place any candidates with us and his candidates were impressive colleagues after they joined us. Neil took the time to understand our culture and read beyond the job descriptions to understand candidates who were suitable for us. He knew what was unique about our company and positioned accordingly to candidates. It was never about making a deal for the sake of deal-making but finding the suitable match between the candidate's aspirations and the company's growth. For that reason, I highly recommend Neil to companies and candidates!

    Zhihao Lin
    Zhihao Lin, AI / ML Execuive

    Partnered with functionn @ Teralytics, Singapore

  • ​In a world where tech recruitment is difficult, and finding trusted, reliable, active and knowledgeable recruiters is even harder, Neil shines above the rest. His decision to start //functionn with a focus on servicing emerging and modern technologies is a benefit to the industry in all respects.He's one of the few I trust to follow through on commitments and to legitimately seek an outcome that's beneficial for candidates, employers and himself as a recruiter.

    Matt Lambie
    Matt Lambie, CTO

    Partnered with functionn @ MoneySmart and Funding Societies, Singapore

  • ​Neil is hands down my favorite recruiter that I've worked with. He's a shining example of not just how to be an effective, respected recruiter, but also how to do it all ethically and with the highest standard of respect for candidates/companies. Every single candidate he's offered has been at or far above the bar we've set. He manages the process in a way that really shows real care for the candidate. When I was a hiring manager (at Horangi), he was really fun to work with and made me look extremely good because his candidates turned into some of our best engineers. He's the gold standard in a field where unfortunately I've found that too many other recruiters prioritize placement speed over the long term good of the team/candidate.He listened really well to what the team needed and also listen really well to what the candidates needed. When I build teams in the future or even when I'm just making a career decision for myself, I'll no doubt seek his advice and help.

    Eric Pierce
    Eric Pierce, Senior Engineer @ Google

    Partnered with functionn @ Horangi, Singapore