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About Us

Our values

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    Innovation is the heartbeat of our business. From the services we provide to our unique in-house sourcing methodology we are always looking to challenge traditional “norms” and experiment with new ideas

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    We respect the time of the candidates' we work with. That is why we will always share full compensation details on our job postings and disclose full client details before any pre-screening

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    We are always looking for ways to optimise the services we supply and the experiences we provide. That is why we foster a culture of curiosity. Always learning, always challenging our own ideas and never being afraid to test something new

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    Trust is the key to any successful long-term partnership. We have cultivated our key relationships around this value over many years and is one of the main reasons for our success

Our history

  • Building remote international teams
  • ​We launch talent sourcing services
  • No.1 partner for APAC unicorns
  • Functionn is born
  • 2021

    Building remote international teams

    Within 12 months of launching our new talent sourcing services, we had built a remote team of 20+ engineers from scratch for Indonesia's largest digital bank. We also signed a 12-month contract with a major European bank to source software engineering talent across their APAC offices

  • 2020

    ​We launch talent sourcing services

    Covid presented obvious challenges to our relocation model. It also, however, presented a massive opportunity. An opportunity to test the status quo (again!) and build a new suite of services that could positively impact the industry and provide optimal value to our partners

  • 2018

    No.1 partner for APAC unicorns

    ​By 2018 we had established partnerships with some of the fastest growing startups in the APAC. We'd built a SDET team of 10 from scratch for Grab (Singapore) and become's Canvas' go-to partner for recruiting international engineering talent

  • 2016

    Functionn is born

    Our founder, Neil Matthams, relocates from Singapore to Perth and launches functionn. After 15+ years of recruiting techies for some of the world's biggest companies, he decided the time was right to challenge the traditional recruitment agency model. Functionn was thus founded as a remote-first business using cutting-edge technology and talent sourcing methodologies to headhunt software engineers from emerging global markets